Chris Pfeiffer Appearing at US MotoGP

I’ve just noticed that insanely great freestyle rider Chris Pfeiffer will be appearing at Laguna Seca for the US MotoGP July 20-22.

I really wish I was going to be at Laguna Seca. Pfeiffer does some incredible stuff. He started his career as a trials rider and later switched to the streetbike freestyle competitions that he does today. Most recently he won the 2007 Indoor Streetbike Freestyle World Championship in Zurich.

You can find a lot of clips on YouTube — here’s one of him at last year’s US MotoGP.

BMW has also announced some UK dates — he’s popular at BMW events since he currently rides the BMW F800S.

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  1. Dan says:

    I want to see the webcast, not these stock clips. Webcast, webcast, webcast . . .

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