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"I promise I won't eat my dirt bike."

The Associated Press reports that there is little hope in the near future for kid’s dirt bikes. The buzzkills staff of the Consumer Product Safety Commission have issued their recommendation that dirt bikes and ATVs not be exempt from the … Continue reading

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MotoGP comes to Indianapolis

MotoGP is rolling into Indianapolis for the first world championship motorcycle race ever held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It’s also going to be the first MotoGP race that I attend. When the MotoGP left Laguna Seca almost a decade … Continue reading

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MotoBrief Free Helmet Contest

We’re into the second week of the MCN Fantasy Road Race 2008, and I’m in second place. There are plenty of races coming up, so it’s not too late to sign up and try to win an Arai helmet. … Continue reading

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MCN Fantasy Road Racing Is Now Free

For years I’ve been left out of fantasy sports. I just don’t care about football, baseball or basketball so there’s never really been much allure. But now MCN is hosting Fantasy Road Race 2008 and I’m ready to go. They’ve … Continue reading

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Motorcyclist Online Interview with Scott Summers

Motorcyclist has a good interview with Scott Summers, who has been tapped to manage the BMW team in the Grand National Cross Country series through 2010. He seems pretty impressed with the G 450 X.

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1970s Vintage Motocross Photos on Flickr

You never know what you’re going to find when you move. You start boxing things up and pretty soon you’re stumbling across stuff you’d forgotten about years ago. That’s what happened to Lee Sutton. An amateur motocross racer in the … Continue reading

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Dainese D-Air Racing System — Airbag for Motorcycles

Gizmag has an article on Dainese’s motorcycle airbag. It’s a revolutionary system — the high tech gear does not require a connection to the motorcycle like the airbag on the Honda Goldwing. Instead, accelerometers and gyros identify movement that looks … Continue reading

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Dakar Video on YouTube

With the Dakar cancelled, this YouTube video has been getting some new attention and a bunch of new comments. I’m still crushed from the cancellation and wondering what they’re going to do in the future. Apparently, Chile & Argentina are … Continue reading

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Classic Board Track Racing Footage

The Jockey Journal points to some awesome footage of board track racing from the early 20th century. As the story goes, the footage was shot by the Czech importer of Indian motorcycles during a visit to the United States. This … Continue reading

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Dakar Rally Route Shown on YouTube

OK, I’ve been gone, spending all my time on a new job and on But the Dakar schedule is up and they’ve posted a YouTube video showing the entire route. The race begins January 5 in Lisbon.

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