10 Great Motorcycle Rides

I guess Forbes Traveler is trying to be edgy. In between articles on first class travel to India and luxury beach destinations, they’ve put together a piece on America’s greatest motorcycling roads. The rides were compiled from recommendations from their expert panel and they do a pretty good job of representing America. Predictable favorites like Deal’s Gap are there but you’ll also find some obscure choices like a 410-mile cruise across the high plains from Trinidad, CO to Kansas.

The high plains route came from Peter Jones, whom Forbes Traveler calls a “writer/freelance journalist for Biking Pubs.” I’ve never heard of Biking Pubs; is this shorthand for “biking publications” that someone at Forbes thought referred to a motorcycling magazine?

Anyway, I’d like to try Jones’s route, which the article claims “all makes sense when you look at the map.” Unfortunately, they didn’t include the map. In fact, the entire article on famous motorcycling routes doesn’t include a single map.

I hate their website, too. Bleh. Still, the article’s worth a read since it’s the only place that describes Jones’s route; if the high plains route doesn’t thrill you, you can go directly to the slideshow and browse all ten of the rides.

It’s worth a look, even if the article was bungled by stuffy big media types.

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