TomTom Rider 2nd Edition Released

I’ve wanted a GPS for a long time. The BMW GS mailing list discusses various models of Garmins all the time and they’ve created some serious lust in my heart.

TomTom Rider 2nd EditionNow Engadget reports that TomTom has released the motorcycle-specific Rider 2nd Edition. Sadly, the TomTom website is pretty bad — there’s no feature comparison between the TomTom Rider and Rider 2, they don’t clearly explain what I get for my extra $100, and the screenshots and gallery sections don’t appear to work in Mac OS X or Windows XP.

Going back and forth between pages, it looks like you get an improved Bluetooth headset (albeit with shorter talk time) and the 2nd Edition is listed as waterproof rather than merely water-resistant. And it supports TomTom’s bizarre voices feature so your Rider can sound like Mr. T, Gary Busey, Dennis Hopper or other, ever more wierd, options. I think I’d prefer Genuine People Personalities.

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