Suzuki Team Gives a Nod to Stoner for MotoGP Wins

Casey StonerPaul Denning, manager of the Rizla Suzuki team, announced his team’s fantastic double podium finish at Misano in Italy. He also has some very good things to say about the man who kept his guys from snagging first place, Australian Casey Stoner.

“Rizla Suzuki would also like to congratulate Casey Stoner on another unbelievable performance today. There has been a lot of nonsense spoken in MotoGP this year regarding tyre regulations, engine performance, etc. etc. I believe that the difference at the moment is Casey and we’re focusing our best efforts to improve our own performance to beat him and that’s what everybody should be doing at this time!”

Stoner has completely dominated this season and it’s cool and classy for the Suzuki team to acknowledge his outstanding performance. In a Reuters article on the Rizla Suzuki comments, Stoner said, “The more I ride my Ducati the more comfortable I become and the faster I become.”

Don’t even look back, man. Just go, go, go.


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