Red Wing Motorcycles Introduces New Cruisers

Red Wing Motorcycles & Steven TylerSteven Tyler (yes, that Steven Tyler), together with engineer Mark Dirico and Stephen Talarico of AC Custom Motorcycles, has delivered the first models from new motorcycle venture Red Wing Motorcycles.

Tyler is credited with the bikes’ design aesthetic, while Dirico and Talarico did the heavy lifting in designing and building the machines. Is the world ready for another retro-Harley-look cruiser, even if it is signed by Steven Tyler?

I don’t know. The bikes look good and I’d check one out if I was in the market for a cruiser. I like the lean, unfaired cruiser look — no highway pegs, running boards and all that stuff. Just give me a nice, classic motorcycle.

Good luck, Red Wing.

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4 Responses to Red Wing Motorcycles Introduces New Cruisers

  1. JH says:

    nice bikes, have you got any more shots of the yellow fat boy hes lounging on?

  2. tom says:

    Funny. Yes, Red Wing is sourcing the engine from Harley, but I think they have some unique design cues that make it something more than just a knock-off of a Harley Softail. We’ll just have to wait and see if these sell to anyone other than Aerosmith fans.

  3. Sky says:

    You know that Stephen Tallarico IS Steven Tyler, right? Steven Tyler isn’t his real name. His birth name is Stephen Tallarico. He later changed it because he thought it was too long(says in “Walk this Way”. So reeeeaallly, you mean Steven Tyler also did the heavy designing and building, too. Just thought you should know..

  4. tom says:

    Thanks for visiting, Sky.

    Yes, Steven Tyler’s name is Stephen Tallarico. But Steven Talarico is a designer at AC Motorcycles. Two different people. You can see some photos of them together here:

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