The Motorcycle Engine as Sculpture

Matchless EngineMotorcyclists love their machines. Many of my friends in the VinMoto groups have a dozen or more bikes in their garages.

That same passion for the machine can be found in the work of Daniel Peirce, whose Up-N-Smoke Engine Project (named after the Texas BBQ joint where Peirce’s motorcycle club would meet) perfectly captures the beauty of the motorcycle power plant. He has photographed dozens of meticulously restored classic engines and each is really a work of art. Peirce manages to show how unique each one of them is. I know I’ll never look at an engine the same way again.

High quality metallic prints of the collection can be purchased directly from Peirce in a variety of formats. I may order one for the studio.

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5 Responses to The Motorcycle Engine as Sculpture

  1. Bill says:

    I’ve seen some of Mr. Peirce’s prints, and I’m delighted someone has the talent and vision to capture the true art of the motorcycle engine. A book full of these beautiful images is sure to be an instant classic.


  2. Dave says:

    I have a couple of Mr. Peirce’s posters and they are just beautiful.
    I’m looking forward to the book. I’m going to buy two…one for me and one to sell on eBay someday when the book is out of print!

  3. tom says:

    Bill & Dave, thanks for dropping by and leaving comments. I agree that the work is fantastic. I’m looking forward to the book, too.

  4. bruce r. colbert says:

    carved a stone Matchless logo.
    28″ x 28″ x 4
    check it out at photobucket

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