MotoGP comes to Indianapolis

indymotogp.jpgMotoGP is rolling into Indianapolis for the first world championship motorcycle race ever held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It’s also going to be the first MotoGP race that I attend.

When the MotoGP left Laguna Seca almost a decade and a half ago, I wasn’t a big racing fan. And since its 2005 return to California, I haven’t had the chance to go. Now I’m in Chicago and tomorrow I’ll be driving down to Indy. I can’t wait until practice starts on Friday.

I still have no idea what to expect. MotoGP coverage in the U.S. is pretty thin and doesn’t show much beyond the actual race. Faster, one of the best motorcycle documentaries ever made, did an awesome job of capturing the spectacle of MotoGP around the world. Still, I don’t know how that’s going to translate to the middle of Indiana.

But I’m going to find out.

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