1970s Vintage Motocross Photos on Flickr

Vintage Motocross Photo

You never know what you’re going to find when you move. You start boxing things up and pretty soon you’re stumbling across stuff you’d forgotten about years ago. That’s what happened to Lee Sutton. An amateur motocross racer in the 70s, Lee uncovered a stash of photographs he’d shot during his time at the tracks of Northern California.

Unfortunately, about half the negatives were ruined. After all, in 1975 there wasn’t much for someone to do with a bunch of pictures like this. You could share them with friends — provided they lived nearby and you got together to have a look. You could submit the best of the best for publication somewhere. Or you could put them in a box.

Today, things are different. Lee picked out the best of the surviving photos and did what anyone would do — he uploaded them to a Flickr photoset. Within days knowledgeable fans had annotated the pictures with details and reminiscences of racetracks, riders and their machines.

I love the Internet.

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