Chris Blais Injured

Chris Blais on the podium at Dakar 2007In some absolutely terrible news, reports have appeared on several motorcycling forums that Chris Blais was injured Sunday in a crash while preparing for the Vegas to Reno desert race.

The story is that he caught a sharp bump in some silt that kicked the bike up onto the front wheel. He tried to ride it out for 50 feet before going over the handlebars, breaking his collarbone and crushing the T7 vertebra. He had surgery yesterday to fuse the vertebra and insert a couple rods. He didn’t have any feeling in his legs but apparently they’ll have to wait for some swelling to go down before they really know what they’re dealing with in terms of spinal cord injury.

It’s a sad day. Chris was an incredible racer and, by all accounts, a wonderful guy. Very best wishes for a speedy and full recovery, Chris.

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