Indiana Governor Promotes Motorcycle Awareness

While it seems far more common that elected officials take a swing at motorcycling, yesterday Governor Mitch Daniels led an ABATE of Indiana ride to promote motorcycle awareness.

It’s awesome to see support like this, especially in light of people like Washington state senator Adam “I would be happy to ban the use of the internal combustion engine off-road by anyone” Kline. Kline is the guy who has decided that being outside is “a place to go for quiet and solitude and self-exploration,” and is tired of, well, all the other humans who get in the way of his zen quiet time.

Kline’s ultra-restrictive legislation would prohibit the use of any off-highway vehicle, even on private property, if the noise could be heard at the property line. You can check out the fight against this and other motorcycle-related legislation at the AMA’s Response Center.

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