New Diesel Motorcycle?

Track Diesel MotorcycleThe Track Diesel Motorcycle looks interesting. The website is absolutely terrible — poorly designed with very limited information, referring you to a Dutch version of the site just to see the price of the bike — so it’s hard to say what the status is. reported that the bike was commercially available last year but it appears none had shipped at that time.

I hope that this is legit, but I’ll believe it when I see one on the road. The CEO of EVA Products, creator of the Track, said in the article:

“This week we sold 15 bikes and production is on its way for the first 250 to 500 units that will be sold within the next 2 years. Unfortunately, requests on this bike will probably exceed the production level for some time to come as we have received more than 2000 purchase requests already. For now we will only target the EU market, but we have already appointed a U.S. distributor which will be announced in 2007.”

Now, more than nine months later, the Track website is still talking about needing to sell 50 units before expanding beyond the Netherlands. And no mention of a U.S. distributor — in fact, the site doesn’t maintain any kind of press release archive at all.

So what’s up? Has anyone actually seen one of these in action? I hope that EVA gets its act together and gets these on the streets. EVA seems to have some other projects keeping them busy, like, um, antigravity, so I’m not holding my breath until it ships.

I do wish them the very best of luck, however, and will wistfully imagine the day I can tool around town on my Track Diesel, leaving the smell of french fries in my biodiesel wake.

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  1. Gerda says:

    Last sunday I’ve seen the Track Diesel in all his glory. Though I’m a woman, I think this motorcycle will change the motorworld.

    The motorcycle can be seen at Utrecht (Netherlands) in the Jaarbeurshal when there is an exebition called “Motorbeurs”.
    The dates you can see the Diesel Track are: 26, 27, 28 of February and 1 of March.

    For more information:

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